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Seminars, Talks and Training

For over 20 years I have designed and delivered seminars, talks and training both in the UK and in Europe on stress management or what is now, more popularly, called 'Resilience'.

I have written supporting literature and self-help booklets for businesses, as well as appearing on radio, TV and in webinars talking about Resilience.

The most popular sessions are 'Personal Resilience' and 'Creating and Leading a Resilient Team'. These sessions are delivered, to suit the client, in anything from a 60 minute briefing to a full day workshop.

Resilience can be learned by anyone and improves lives. The seminars, talks and training workshops will give you the information, strategies and techniques to help you and/or your team become more resilient, better able to overcome adversity and stress, whilst staying mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually healthy and thrive.

Developing your own and your team members resilience can significantly reduce the impact of mental health on your workforce potentially reducing stress related sickness absence and improving performance.

*Work-related stress can result in high levels of employee turnover. It disrupts business and reduces productivity. It is one of the leading causes of sickness absence with 12.5 million working days lost due to work related stress in 2016-2017. (HSE 2017) with each new case of work related stress leading to an average of 29 days off work (ACAS).

*Employees experiencing stress are more likely to make poor decisions and errors and may apply faulty judgement to important matters.

*Workplace relations and customer service may deteriorate

*Employees experiencing work-related stress might take their employer to court and settlements can be very expensive not just in terms of financial settlements but also employee and customer confidence.

Please contact me to discuss how, together, we can make a difference.

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